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Digital Melting Point Tester WRS-100

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03 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Digital Melting Point Tester WRS-100

Application Digital Melting Point Tester WRS-100 :

WRS-100 is a economic and easy-use melting point device. With a precise thermistor control system, the measurement range of the device is excellent, giving 0.1º C resolutions on display. The device is designed to simultaneously measure two samples. The internal LED light source, together with clear magnified lens and tilt rear feet aids users to have a broader and clearer view.

The measurement ranges from room temperature to 300º C. The two different ramping speed modes make measurement much quicker and convenient. WRS-200 is the upgrade version of WRS-100 and has following more

Fitur Digital Melting Point Tester WRS-100 :

  1. Built with internal fan to speed up the cool down process of the machine. The cooling rate is 25º C/ min.
  2. The cooling process is automatically stared when the analysis process ended, and the fan will be turned off when the temperature reaching 5º C below fast stage temperature. It will help user quickly to do the next analysis.
  3. Double display in both outside and inside view. It help user frequently prevent frequently switching gaze between eyepiece and outside LED display.
  4. A hand-held “ READ” push button helps users to record data quickly without looking for the “ READ” button in the fascia.
  5. Capable of recording data. Data will be stored permanently until erase.

Spesifikasi Digital Melting Point Tester WRS-100 :

  • Temperature Range : Ambient to 300º C
  • Cooling Rate : WRS-100 : N/ A WRS-200 : 25º C/ min WRS-300 : N/ A
  • Data Recording : WRS-100 : N/ A WRS-200 : YES WRS-300 : N/ A
  • Accuracy : WRS-100 : ± 1.0º C at 20º C; ± 2.5º C at 300º C WRS-200 : ± 0.5º C WRS-300 : ± 0.5º C
  • Display : 4 digit LED
  • Resolution : 0.1º C
  • Readout Hold : YES
  • Number of Samples : 2 Fast
  • Stage Ramp Rates : 20º C/ min fixed
  • Slow Stage Ramp Rates : Adjustable between 1~ 1020º C/ min
  • Dimensions : 160 x 220 x 170mm
  • Weight : 1.8kg

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