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Temperature Data Logger RC-30 Serials

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17 / 08 / 2020
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Rp. 123 | Berkah Amanah merupakan distributor alat pengukur murah terlengkap di Purwokerto Jawa Tengah Indonesia. Cek aneka solusi yang kami sediakan, dapatkan penawaran spesial harga terjangkau melalui Admin Marketing kami via WhatsApp, Phone, Email.

Detail Temperature Data Logger RC-30 Serials

Temperature Data Logger RC-30 Serials

Functions and features Temperature Data Logger RC-30 Serials :

RC-30/ RC-30A/ RC-30B is a series of Temperature data logger with high performance versus price ratio and big LCD to display working status, exchange data with computer by USB port, low power consumption, power supplied by lithium battery and also can be supplied by the computer through the USB port when connected to the computer.

NTC sensor, start up the recording function by key operation, recording cycle adjustable, alarm temperature upper and lower limit can be set. The data software possesses data analysis function, it lists files of type not only can show the data and draw the curve analyses graphs, but also can show alarm signal of the temperature exceeding point. The recorded data can be inquired, saved, printed and output in Word format. It is mainly used in locales such as refrigerator cars, deepfreeze, labs, greenhouses, storage for tobacco, bavterin and blood, workshops, hospital, GMP medicine workshops, agricultural seed cultivation, incubator, born, museum, archives, cultural relic, paper making, air-conditioner, etc.

Data Teknis Temperature Data Logger RC-30 Serials :

  • Temperature measuring range: External sensor: -40 ^ 70 Internal sensor: -30 ^ 50
  • Accuracy: 0.5 when at -20 ^ 20 ; at other range, 1 Resolution: 0.1 Recording cycle: 2Seconds^ 24Hours continuously set, or automatically distributed as per recording duration
  • Sensor: NTC
  • Real-time transfers: the Interval time ( 10s~ 24h) adjustable
  • Recording capacity: RC-30: 3900 points RC-30A: 8000 points RC-30B: 16000 points
  • Applicable environment: Temperature: -30 ~ 50 Humidity: 15% ~ 85%
  • Data output: Connect the computer with the USB port to transfer data
  • Safe level: IP65

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